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People have become one of the greatest challenges facing the Irish accounting profession. People were always a challenge but now holding on to good people and attracting the good people we want and need is a chronic problem for the profession. The COVID pandemic has now given way to a talent epidemic.


The game has changed. We have moved from a place where articled clerks and training contracts were the norm, giving us access to a ready pool of cheap labour to where we are now when working in an accountancy practice is becoming increasingly unpopular. Accounting firms need people. What are you going to do about it?


In this session we will look at the problems and the solutions that Irish firms just like yours can implement to attract and retain the resources we need to serve our clients and maintain a functional business. During the session Des will share practical tools that firms both large and small can apply to solve the problem.


We will shift your mindset and your perspective while giving you insights into what is happening in the market along with the practical steps you can take now to get ahead of the field.


In this session, Des O’Neill will cover the following topics:

  • Business Model and Strategy - What is the reality of 2022 and what is not working in our business model that we need to address
  • Setting the standard - Who are your ideal employees and what are the new standards and the minimum standards that we need to consider when taking them on
  • Good Customers Bad Customers - People may be the problem but this is linked to our customers too and they are a problem too problem
  • Recruitment - Who Hunting – Practical steps that any firm can take to find the people and resources to get the work done
  • First Next Steps - So what next – What are the steps that accounting firm owners need to take to unblock the resource shortage that is holding so many firms back.

CPD Course Speaker


Des O'Neill

Having worked for a number of years in practice, and with one of the profession’s regulatory and support institutes, Des cofounded OmniPro to develop tools, techniques, products and services that make accountancy more profitable and rewarding