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We address the different issues surrounding the use of the Code and its persistent application when providing your professional services

Of course, implementing such solutions does require a bit of time and effort, but with repeated use this will become a lot easier and more comfortable.

Successfully complying with the Code of Ethics makes firms more compatible, and ready to deal with the challenges presented by the ever more informed public (our clients and users), the membership organisations and, as regards auditing, the Irish Regulator IAASA. We also show you how to professionally respond to client’s complaints.

In this session Ulrich Schäckermann covers the following topics:

  • The compliance requirements including a quick overview of the fundamentals of the Code of Ethics
  • Managing an ethically compliant professional practice
  • Record keeping
  • Defending ethical challenges.


CPD Course Speaker

Consultus Professional Services

Ulrich Schackermann

Ulrich is a professional accountant with more than 30 years’ experience in the profession and holds additional qualifications in professional ethics. Since 2005 he has provided support for professional accountants and firms in the field of professional ethics. His experience as a partner in a large international firm provided him with in depth experience in serving clients and the public. He is a member of the Appeals Panel of CAI. He was a member of the Ethics Committee of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the South African Auditing regulator (IRBA). He was a member of the disciplinary and investigation committees of SAICA and IRBA