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With large numbers of Involuntary strike offs inevitable for 2022, in this session Sinead Gortland covers the following topics;

  • Review of Involuntary Strike Offs and what to do if a company finds itself in that position 
  • What is needed to Voluntarily Strike Off a Company? 
  • The restoration process for;
    1. Administrative Restorations
    2. High Court Restorations
      • Tips to get a company organised ahead of high court application process

CPD Course Speaker


Sinead Gortland

Sinead is a key member of the OmniPro Corporate Consultants Technical Support team providing advice and support in relation to Company Law and Company Secretarial procedures.

In addition, Sinead is responsible for carrying out Section 343 applications to the District Court, Company Restorations, Annual Compliance, Company Conversions and Company Law Compliance.

Sinead joined OmniPro in 2016 and quickly became an integral member of our Company Secretarial team. She started off her career in OmniPro as part of our Company Formations team building up her experience and knowledge before eventually moving into Company Secretarial.

Sinead has a Masters Degree from Maynooth University.