Neil O'Brien

Quantum Mastermind Ltd
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Neil a business consultant whose sole aim is growing the profits of business owners. He has consulted with over 260 companies including accountant, engineers, marketing consultants and many others including various Government agencies.

Before running his consulting business, Neil spent 15 years as a management accountant spending time in the U.K, USA and Ireland working for the likes of EMC and Pfizer.

His 2 speciality areas are 80:20 and pricing. He can help any business grow profits through identifying the profitable 'whale' clients and the 'profit sucking' sardines. Once you start changing that mix and add whales while firing sardines, profits grow at a substantially faster rate than sales.

He is a published author of a critically acclaimed book "101 Business Lessons From a Recovering Accountant". He has advised people who made successful appearances on 'Dragon's Den' and mentored businesses through the post graduate program run by U.C.C. university.