Webinar Series

11th, 16th & 18th January

You will be emailed a link to each of the live sessions one hour before the webinar starts

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Innovation in Accountancy: Shaping Tomorrow's Financial Landscape

Andrea Reynolds uncovered the critical shifts in finance, you'll discover what businesses truly seek from accountants, and explore the imperative role of technology in accountancy.

  • Adapting to Advisory: Navigate the transition to an advisory role for accountants.
  • Financial Landscape Dynamics: Explore shifts, origins, and the future trajectory of finance.
  • Diversifying Revenue: Learn the importance of expanding service options and revenue streams.
  • Tech in Accountancy: Uncover the transformative role of technology in shaping the future of accountancy.

Capital Gains Tax Update - January 2024

Paul Murphy provided a summary of the different types of reliefs that are available and how a client can be advised in readying the business for its sale/transfer.

  • Review of the main reliefs including retirement and entrepreneur.
  • Sale to a third party and the pre-planning required such as the split of property and trade.
  • Transfer to family - possible extraction of cash via share buyback.
  • Transfer to family - overview of business relief available for the next generation.

Tax Issues to Consider in Members Voluntary Liquidations

John Murphy reviewed the process of placing a company into liquidation as required by Company Law:

  • The conditions for the tax reliefs in a liquidation scenario and what to watch here.
  • The importance of communication to Revenue from the outset.
  • Pitfalls from a tax perspective to be aware of.
  • The tax returns required to be filed by the liquidator including CRO returns.